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Tom Ford Oud Wood Review (A Brand Favorite Put to The Test)

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If you’re in the market for a new scent, you may want to consider Tom Ford’s Oud Wood. Since its release in 2007, this fragrance has become increasingly popular among those who enjoy woody and smoky scents.

Tom Ford is known for his luxurious designs and high-end fragrances. His Oud Wood perfume is no exception; it embodies the sophistication and elegance that we have come to expect from this brand.

But what makes this fragrance stand out? In this review, we’ll explore why this scent has become a Tom Ford favorite, discussing its notes, longevity, projection, and overall appeal.

A Modern Icon: Tom Ford Oud Wood Perfume

Tom Ford Oud Wood was first released in 2007 as part of the Private Blend collection. It received praise from both fragrance critics and perfume enthusiasts, and it was extremely well received. Oud Wood stood out from other perfumes on the market at the time by its unique, westernized scent, which was complemented by its opulent and woodsy overtones.

Oud Wood has also received accolades for its longevity, projection, and complexity. It immediately became one of the most well-liked scents in the Tom Ford collection. 

Over the years, Tom Ford Oud Wood has earned a reputation as a luxurious and legendary fragrance in the world of perfumery due to the numerous excellent reviews and the fact that it has become many people’s signature scent.

Rise to Popularity

In recent years, Tom Ford Oud Wood experienced a rise in popularity, reaching new heights in 2020, thanks to TikTok aka PerfumeTok. Influencers and fragrance lovers sparked a conversation about the perfume by complimenting its distinctive and alluring aroma, which raised interest in the fragrance. 

This social media exposure helped bring Tom Ford Oud Wood back into the public eye and further cemented its reputation as a highly sought-after scent in the perfume industry.

The firm expanded the Oud Wood line within the Tom Ford fragrance collection in response to the increased demand from its ongoing popularity by releasing variations to cater to the growing demand from fragrance enthusiasts.

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The Story of Tom Ford

American fashion designer Tom Ford founded the highly regarded fragrance line Tom Ford in 2005. Since its founding, the company has established itself as a leading name in the fragrance business, renowned for its alluring and luxurious scents. 

Tom Ford’s perfumes have become famous for their precise construction, exotic ingredients, and stylish packaging, which captures the brand’s affluent style.

Tom Ford continues to set trends and break barriers in the field of perfumery, and has a sizable following among perfume connoisseurs. The company has maintained its reputation by providing great perfumes that engage the senses, solidifying its place as a prominent name in the luxury perfume business.

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Tom Ford Oud Wood Notes

Tom Ford’s Oud Wood is a truly amazing fragrance with a rich scent. It’s warm, woody, powdery and a bit spicy, with hints of amber, tonka bean and cardamom that give it a cozy and inviting feel. 

The heart of the fragrance has this rare ingredient called oud, which adds a smoky and sweet note that’s just mesmerizing. And the dry-down is all about sandalwood, vetiver, and amber, which create a long-lasting and sophisticated finish, and an aura of cleanliness. 

When it comes to everyday wear, Tom Ford’s Oud Wood is hands-down one of my go-to scents. It’s a fragrance that never fails to elicit compliments, and if you’re not prepared to be asked “What perfume are you wearing?” multiple times a day, then this might not be the right choice for you! Its alluring and captivating aroma is sure to leave an impression wherever you go.

Exotic rosewoodSandalwoodOud Wood
PepperRubbery oudVetiver
Fresh lemon zestTonka Bean

#1 Top Notes

Opening with a rich aroma, Tom Ford’s Oud Wood is one of the most captivating fragrances in the market. This luxurious scent boasts an intoxicating blend of rare oud wood, spices, and vanilla that creates an overall warm and inviting fragrance. The top notes are particularly impressive as they set the tone for what’s to come.

The masculine vibes emanating from this oriental spicy fragrance will undoubtedly leave you feeling confident and empowered. The opening notes consist of exotic rosewood, cardamom, pepper, and fresh lemon zest which together create a complex yet balanced aroma.

This aroma lasts for about 20 minutes before sensually fading to its famous woody middle notes.

#2 Middle Notes

If the top notes of Tom Ford Oud Wood were a teasing opening act, then the middle notes are an explosive main event.

As time passes, rosewood goes backstage as the musky sweetness begins to perform – bringing it a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Heart notes is where Tom Ford Oud Wood truly shines – sandalwood, vetiver, and rubbery oud achieve the perfect balance between boldness and approachability.

#3 Base Notes

Moving on to the base notes, in this stage I mostly experience woody notes of oud and tonka bean, with touches of vanilla and amber.  This stage is a subtle yet long-lasting olfactory experience.

To give you a more detailed overview of the base notes, take a sniff at the table:

Oud WoodRich and intense aroma with smoky and even leathery undertones 
SandalwoodCreamy and powdery 
VetiverSlightly bitter
Tonka BeanSweet, almost almondy
AmberSoft, musky and warm

Tom Ford Oud Wood Longevity

For an everyday perfume, longevity is a must. If I’m in meetings, working, grabbing a coffee, I simply do not have the time to reapply my perfume every hour or so. When it comes to longevity, Tom Ford Oud Wood does not disappoint.

I get a solid 7–8 hours of wear with the right perfume application. The scent lingers on the skin and clothes, leaving behind a warm and woody aroma that makes me feel confident and sexy.

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Tom Ford Oud Wood Projection & Sillage

If you’re looking for a perfume that will make an impact, Tom Ford’s Oud Wood is definitely worth considering. 

It has a more profound complexity than many other fragrances on the market, thanks to its blend of oud wood, rosewood, cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver, and tonka bean. All of these ingredients come together to create a fragrance that can easily fill up any room without being overpowering.

The projection on Tom Ford Oud Wood is definitely on the firmer side, but the blend is so beautifully balanced that it never feels overpowering. You can expect an arms-length projection that makes your presence known without overwhelming anyone’s senses. 

In fact, it strikes just the right balance between boldness and subtlety – something that’s not easy to achieve in perfumery.

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Bottle Design

Tom Ford’s Oud Wood perfume bottle design is classic and elegant. The architectural look of a chess piece gives it a modern and sophisticated look. It won’t be the staple of your dressing table, but it will blend in and give a dash of classic elegance to any set up.

How to Store Tom Ford’s Oud Wood?

Storing perfumes properly is a science in itself, but for Oud Wood, sticking with the basics has worked great for me. I’m on my fourth bottle, and I haven’t had any issues so far with the quality going down by making sure it’s in a dark, cool place away from any direct sunlight.

For me, it’s my closet. If you have a smaller collection keeping it in a box can help extend the fragrance lifetime, the only downside is its bulky, and you have to get it out every time you use it.

When, Where & How to Wear It?

Oud Wood is my signature, every day scent for fall and winter. I love the projection and compliments it gets me. However if you’re on the more subtle side, this might be a scent that you only wear at night or to special occasions. It’s versatile, loved by everyone, strong yet non violent scent – so you really can’t go wrong.

To get the most out of Oud Wood make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. Spray desired areas once or twice and do not rub the fragrance on your skin, as this may alter how the fragrance develops. 

Extra tip: To extend perfume longevity, apply a thin layer of vaseline on your pulse points and then apply your fragrance. For an easy touch up, mix vaseline and perfume in a small container and apply it on the go.

Price Point –  Is It Worth the Money?

However, the price point of this perfume may deter some buyers from investing in it. It falls under the luxury category and is priced accordingly, making it quite expensive compared to other fragrances on the market. 

But if you are willing to splurge on a high-quality scent with excellent wearability, or need a reliable go to for special occasions, then Tom Ford Oud Wood is definitely worth the investment. 

Its long-lasting nature ensures that you won’t have to reapply frequently, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Why is Tom Ford Oud Wood So Expensive?

The expense of Tom Ford’s Oud Wood is due to its use of rare and costly ingredients, notably oud. Its popularity, driven by influencers and enthusiasts, and its reputation for quality and sophistication also add to its high price.

This, coupled with its exceptional complexity, longevity, and projection, make it a premium, costly fragrance.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Dupes

In terms of longevity and performance Tom Ford Oud Wood certainly holds its own against other popular oud fragrances on the market. However, the price point is an important aspect to consider as some oud scents can cost a small fortune while their imitations may be more budget-friendly. 

I love a great fragrance, but I also respect a good dupe. Here are some Tom Ford Oud Wood imitations that in my opinion provide a comparable olfactory sensation at a more affordable price:

Versace Pour Homme Oud NoirAn excellent imitation of the warm, spicy notes present in Tom Ford oud fragrances.
Bade’e Al Oud – Oud for Glory LattafaPerfect for those who enjoy powdery components in their oud fragrances.
Dark Aoud MontaleThe closest dupe to Tom Ford, but it is also the most expensive.
Shaghaf Oud Swiss ArabianMy all-time favorite oud that is inexpensive yet long-lasting.
Oud Satin Mood Maison Francis KurkdjianA great choice for beginners who want to explore oud fragrances.
The Night Frederic MalleNot for everyone, as it is very ambery and sophisticated, but offers a unique oud experience.
Oud Ispahan DiorA dupe that captures the essence of Tom Ford oud perfumes, perfect for those who appreciate Dior’s distinctive craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Tom Ford Oud Wood Compare To Other Oud Fragrances On The Market?

Compared to other oud scents on the market, Tom Ford Oud Wood has a very distinctive aroma profile. It is versatile and appropriate for both professional and informal settings, giving it an appropriate fit for many contexts.

Does Tom Ford Oud Wood Contain Animal-Derived Ingredients?

There are no animal products included in the formula for this scent. However, ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Make sure to refer to the ingredient list on the product package for the most up-to-date list of ingredients.

Tom Ford Oud Wood: Final Verdict – Is it Perfume Reporter Approved?

Overall, Oud Wood is a Tom Ford favorite for a reason. It is a luxurious yet easy to wear scent that stands out from all other oud fragrances on the market.

Its unique blend of rare woods and exotic spices create a warm and inviting aroma that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Whether you’re dressing up for a special event or just want to feel confident and sophisticated, this fragrance will not disappoint.

The scent develops over time, revealing different layers of complexity as it interacts with your skin’s natural oils. This makes each wearing experience unique and exciting.

In my opinion, Tom Ford Oud Wood is one of the best fragrances of all time, and it smells how a man should smell - clean and safe. If you're looking for an attention grabbing fragrance that exudes luxury and sophistication at every turn, look no further.
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