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Tom Ford Lost Cherry Review – Is It THAT Good?

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Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume was one of the most talked about perfumes for 2019, with fragrance enthusiasts raving about its distinctive blend of fruity and woody notes. I must admit, I couldn’t resist the hype and had to see what all the fuss was about.

After testing it out for myself, I must say the hype was justified. But with a significant price increase since its initial release, the question remains: is it still worth the splurge?

In this post, I’ll be sharing my honest opinions on this high-end fragrance and whether I think it’s worth the investment.  So, grab a bowl of cherries or your favorite beverage, and join me as I take a closer look at the captivating scent that is Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry.

Brand History

Tom Ford is one of the most renowned names in the world of fashion and perfumery. His brand philosophy centers around creating iconic scents that always reach a rare level of popularity and both critical and public recognition.

With a vast selection of products ranging from timeless classics to modern creations such as Lost Cherry, Tom Ford has developed an impressive portfolio over the years.

Since its inception, Tom Ford's fragrance line has been recognized for its consistent packaging, sophisticated designs, high-quality ingredients, and unusual blends. 

While many classic staples remain popular among loyal customers, more adventurous offerings like Lost Cherry continue to attract new fans every day.

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Tom Ford Lost Cherry Notes

Lost Cherry is a captivating gourmand fragrance that exudes a sweet and tart cherry and almond, reminiscent of candy.

As it settles onto the skin, the scent transitions into a warmer cherry fragrance, losing its initial sweetness and developing a subtle smokiness.

The resulting blend of cherry, smoke, and vanilla notes creates a rich, luxurious scent that is both warm and sophisticated.

TOP NOTESCherry, Bitter Almond, Soft Rose
MIDDLE NOTESSour Cherry, Turkish Rose, Jasmine Sambac
BASE NOTESPeru Balsam, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cinnamon

Top Notes

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume opens with a delicious burst of sweet cherry and bitter almond that are almost reminiscent of candy. In the opening the rose is subtle and doesn’t overpower the cherry aroma, making it the absolute star of the show.

In my opinion, what makes Lost Cherry stand out from other cherry fragrances is its perfect balance between sweetness and luxury.

Unlike many other cherry scents, this fragrance offers a unique and natural sweetness that’s not heavy or synthetic, making it suitable for any occasion.

Middle Notes

When Lost Cherry develops on the skin, the cherry note transitions into a warmer, smokier cherry.

The rose begins to bloom and melds seamlessly with the cherry and jasmine. This powdery and smoky cherry tart is my favorite part that always has me smelling my wrist in public.

Base Notes

The powdery base notes create a soft and smooth texture that adds a touch of elegance to the overall scent. These notes are primarily based on the cherry note, which provides a sweet and fruity aroma.

The combination of vetiver and patchouli creates a sensual and provocative scent that adds depth.

Vetiver has long been known for its aphrodisiac properties, and its inclusion in Lost Cherry amplifies the sexual allure of the scent.

The patchouli note further enhances the sensuality of the fragrance, making it a perfect choice for a night out or a special occasion. Finally, the warm vanilla note ties everything together, providing a sweet and comforting base.

What Does Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry Really Smell Like?

Tom Ford Lost Cherry smells like a blend of sweet cherry, bitter almond, and soft rose, evoking the luxurious aroma of cherry liquor.

The powdery base creates a delicate cherry balance that settles into a warm, woody scent while the sweetness lingers seductively.

What Does This Perfume Say About You?

The fragrance is a reflection of its wearer’s personality traits. Lost Cherry carries subtle notes of black cherry, jasmine, and sandalwood that lend it an air of sophistication.

Its mix of boldness and femininity make it truly unique – conveying both strength and elegance all at once. 

Whether worn as an everyday accessory or saved for special occasions, Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry is sure to capture attention no matter where you take it.


When it comes to Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry fragrance, one thing is certain – the scent has lasting power.

The strength of this perfume is surprisingly bold for something so delicate; the lasting power ensures you can enjoy its aroma all day long without having to reapply.

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume has good longevity and can last for around 5-8 hours on my skin. With just 2-3 spritzes, I can enjoy the scent of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry throughout the entire day, while for the night, I prefer to apply 3-4 spritzes to indulge in the luxurious fragrance fully.

What’s more, the perfume leaves a lingering aroma on my clothes that lasts for days. However, longevity can vary depending on several factors, such as your skin chemistry, the environment you’re in, and how much perfume you apply.

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Projection & Sillage

The projection power of this scent is average to above average in terms of strength when compared to other perfumes at this price point. With this fragrance, those near you will surely take notice of the captivating smell. However, it doesn’t leave an overpowering trail behind once you leave the room.

Bottle Design

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry on-brand bottle design stands out from other perfumes with its bold and sleek appearance.

The red and rose-colored glass with red lacquer is gorgeous; it has weight to it, giving off a luxurious and sophisticated vibe.

Tom Ford’s incredible sense of color truly shines in the design of perfume bottles, as they perfectly capture the fragrance they hold. The colors of the bottles set the tone for the aroma inside, allowing you to know what notes and scents to expect.

In other words, if a particular color catches your eye, it’s likely that the fragrance inside will appeal to your olfactory preferences as well. 

My only complaint is about the atomizer. It doesn’t spray the perfume as perfectly as it could, given its price point. However, that’s not a criterion high on my list when evaluating a perfume.

Overall, the bottle design of Lost Cherry is both eye-catching and refined, setting it apart from other perfume bottles on the market.
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Where, When & How to Wear It?


In my book, Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume is a versatile fragrance that can be worn to any event and occasion. The scent is perfect both for an intimate dinner date, a night out, or a formal or work-related event.

Men find it sexy, and women find it delicious: Lost Cherry is ideal for making a statement and leaving a lasting impression, and you can expect to get compliments from a variety of crowds.


The warm and spicy notes make Lost Cherry best suited for colder seasons like fall and winter.

However, because of the sweetness and the cherry, it can also be worn during spring and summer. You can’t really make a seasonal mistake with this perfume, but I feel best wearing it during the cherry season (May-July).


It’s best to apply perfume after making sure your skin is clean and moisturized; spray it on your pulse points, such as your wrists, neck, and behind your ears, as these areas generate heat that will intensify the scent. 

I recommended 2-3 spritzes for daytime wear and 3-4 spritzes for evening wear. Avoid rubbing the sprayed areas as this can break down the fragrance molecules and make the scent fade faster.

How Should You Store This Perfume?

Nobody likes to waste their money, so let’s explore how you should store your precious fragrance so you can keep it in prime condition for a long time.

Temperature control is key. Avoid exposing your bottle to intense heat or cold; this can cause the scent molecules within the liquid to break down faster than usual. Instead, keep your perfume stored at room temperature (around 21-25°C) to protect its longevity and potency.

It’s also important to note that direct sunlight will speed up oxidation levels – so try not to leave your bottle out for too long! Glass bottles, such as Lost Cherry, tend to be less porous, which helps maintain the quality of the scent inside better than other storage containers such as metal tins or cardboard boxes.

Is Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry Limited Edition?

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume is a limited edition fragrance. It was first released in 2018 as part of Tom Ford’s Private Blend Collection, which features exclusive and premium fragrances.

As a limited edition fragrance, the availability of Lost Cherry perfume may be limited, and it may not be available for purchase indefinitely.

In 2022, two new fragrances were added to Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume collection: Electric Cherry and Cherry Smoke. Electric Cherry is a refreshing unisex scent with fruity notes, perfect for summer, while Cherry Smoke is a seductive and alluring blend of cherry, leather, and smoke.

These new additions add diversity and excitement to the already iconic collection.

Why is Tom Ford Lost Cherry So Expensive?

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume commands a high price due to several factors. Firstly, the brand’s luxury reputation and exclusive image contribute to its expensive nature.

Additionally, the fragrance’s rare floral notes require costly and exotic ingredients. The limited edition status of Lost Cherry further fuels demand and drives up the price. Inflation and the product’s growing popularity also play a role in its high cost.

Lost Cherry Eau De Parfum vs Body Spray

The Lost Cherry body spray is a decent product with a beautiful smell of cherry and almond, yet its value for the price leaves something to be desired.

I had high expectations for this body mist,  but the longevity is more like a deodorant than a high-end body spray. 

tom ford bitter cherry body spray package
However, this spray can serve as an excellent complement to Lost Cherry EDP and other perfumes, extending their longevity and providing a subtle cherry-almond aroma.

What Are Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry Dupe Perfumes?

I’m quite honestly addicted to this perfume, so I just accept the price tag that comes with it; however, it’s not always easy to get by, so I found some decent dupes that are also more budget-friendly. Here’s a comprehensive list.

Navitus Parfums – Venom of LoveGreat dupe for the boozy and nutty cherry vibe.
Gritti Fragrances – DuchessaVery almondy with sweet cherry.
BTSO –  Indecent CherryGreat value for money.
Snif – Tart DecoNot as sweet, more powdery, but very sexy.
ZARA – Cherry SmoothieA blatant dupe, a synthetic try at Lost Cherry, but very affordable.
Kayali – Lovefest Burning CherryGreat dupe, but the longevity is not up to par. 


Is Tom Ford Lost Cherry Unisex?

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry is a very sexy, feminine perfume in terms of conventional social norms. However, whether or not it suits one’s personal preference is subjective and varies from person to person.

How to Layer Tom Ford Lost Cherry?

The mix of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry, Tom Ford’s Vanille Fatale, and MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 is one of the best perfume combinations I’ve worn.

Final Verdict: Lost Cherry – Is it Worth Buying?

This is one of my favorite perfumes, and I wear it on a regular basis. It gives me confidence and makes me feel sexy because I know I smell that good. It is very feminine and glamorous.

It’s pricey, but considering the longevity, it’s worth the investment. It’s a staple piece you can count on. The combination of classic elements like jasmine sambac, magnolia, vetiver, and musk gives Lost Cherry a memorable scent profile that makes you stand out. 

Wearing Tom Ford's Lost Cherry is a sensory experience like no other, and I guarantee that you will be showered with compliments every time you wear it. 

This luxurious fragrance is perfect for any occasion, from a day at the office to a night out on the town, and is sure to become your go-to signature scent. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience this exquisite fragrance – it’s definitely worth adding to your collection!

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