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Tom Ford Oud Wood vs Ombre Leather (A Fair Comparison)

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Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of Tom Ford, looking at two of his signature scents: Oud Wood and Ombre Leather.

These two fragrances are equally recognizable as distinct, each offering an individual sensory story that blends into Tom Ford’s fashion narrative.

This blog will examine these two perfumes, revealing similarities and differences.

We’ll study their individual traits, the feelings they make, and how they compare to one another. And, to add a personal touch, I’ll include my own preference at the end of the post.


Although both Oud Wood and Ombre Leather have distinct features, they are comparable in their unisex appeal, utilization of leathery and woodsy notes, warm and spicy ingredients, sophisticated mood, and layering potential. 

Here are some similarities which are most notable, in my opinion:

#1 Unisex appeal

Both fragrances are considered unisex. Oud Wood and Ombre Leather users have noted that both men and women can wear them

While both perfumes may contain traditionally masculine tones (such as oud, wood, and leather), their elegance, smoothness, and added sweet or flowery features make them suitable for a female audience.

Also, make sure to check out our Tom Ford Oud Wood review and our Tom Ford Ombré Leather review, where we go into a lot more detail on these fragrances.

#2 Leathery and woodsy notes

The leathery and woodsy notes in both scents are very comparable. As the name implies, Oud Wood has a distinct wood element: cool and softly woodsy.

On the other hand, Ombre Leather is distinguished by a rich leather note with woodsy overtones. This adds depth, richness, and sophistication to both perfumes.

#3 Warm and spicy elements

Warm, spicy aromas may be found in Oud Wood and Ombre Leather. In Oud Wood, this comes from the cardamom, while in Ombre Leather, this is reflected in its amber notes.

These warm, spicy notes in both perfumes offer a sense of comfort and familiarity, making them excellent for cooler weather or evening wear.

#4 Sophisticated and classy

Both perfumes exude a sophisticated and refined aura. Oud Wood is a perfume of sophistication, luxury, and style. On the other hand, Ombre Leather represents mature intelligence akin to James Bond from the 1960s.

These scents’ sophisticated image makes them appropriate for formal occasions and adult audiences.

#5 Layering potential

Layering both of these perfumes with more feminine scents.

While both are sophisticated and well-rounded on their own, they are also great when combined with other perfumes to create a more individualized scent experience.


Although there are significant similarities between Oud Wood and Ombre Leather, they differ significantly in their most prominent notes, popularity among women, sweetness level, suitability for certain occasions, and the presence of floral ingredients.

#1 Dominant notes

Their dominant notes are the most noticeable distinction. Warm and spicy ingredients in Oud Wood support the exotic, rich, and complex tone of oud.

The presence of oud is not overbearing, making it appealing to those who do not normally prefer oud perfumes.

On the other hand, Ombre Leather is dominated by a strong leather note, giving it a distinct, robust character. The leather is accented by animalic and white floral overtones, strikingly contrasting.

#2 Audience appeal

While both fragrances have a unisex appeal, in my experience, Oud Wood is more universally liked. It’s a fan favorite among women and something you should wear on a date to make a lasting impression.

Ombre Leather, however, has a more polarizing response. Some women don’t find the fragrance appealing, and men favor it.

It's more suitable for a mature, confident man who isn't necessarily seeking to attract a partner.

#3 Sweetness level

Oud Wood and Ombre Leather are different in their sweetness notes. Oud Wood has a slight base sweetness due to the presence of notes like vanilla and amber.

In contrast, Ombre Leather opens with a sweet raspberry note, but this sweetness recedes as the fragrance develops, giving way to the prominent leather and animalic notes.

#4 Occasion suitability

Oud Wood is a versatile fragrance that is suitable for any occasion. It has a strong yet non-offensive scent profile, making it appropriate for various settings, from formal to casual.

On the other hand, Ombre Leather is a more specialized smell appropriate for specific situations. 

It is not an aroma for the office but rather one linked with a more mature, refined environment, such as a personal cigar room or a relaxing evening before the fireplace.

#5 Florals

Floral notes also distinguish these two fragrances. Oud Wood doesn’t have a significant floral profile, with the exception of a hint of jasmine.

Ombre Leather, however, features white floral notes that add a contrasting brightness to its otherwise dark and intense character.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather vs Oud Wood Perfume Notes

Both perfumes have a distinctive note blend resulting in a unique experience. Oud Wood has a cozy and inviting smell due to its warm, woody, and spicy notes.

On the other hand, Ombre Leather is a bold blend that captures the true smell of leather blended with spices and fruit. 

Let's take a closer look at the scent notes of these two Tom Ford classics to compare their distinct compositions better:
PerfumeTop NotesMiddle NotesBase Notes
Oud WoodExotic Rosewood, Cardamom, Pepper, Fresh Lemon ZestSandalwood, Vetiver, Rubbery OudOud Wood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Amber
Ombre LeatherCardamom, Saffron, RaspberryJasmine Samac, Suede LeatherOakmoss, Amber, Patchouli, Vetiver

Longevity & Projection

When comparing the longevity and projection of Tom Ford Oud Wood vs Tom Ford Ombre Leather, there are notable differences between the two. 

In terms of longevity, Tom Ford Oud Wood lasts 7 to 8 hours on the skin when applied properly. It has a decent lasting power for its price point so you can enjoy its warmth and woodiness for a good chunk of the day. Tom Ford Ombre Leather, on the contrary, has an outstanding longevity of 8 to 12 hours

Regarding projection, Tom Ford Oud Wood balances perfectly between being noticeable and not overpowering. It has an arms-length projection and mild sillage.

The aroma is strong enough to alert others to your presence without overpowering their senses. Tom Ford Ombre Leather, on the other hand, has an exceptionally strong projection. It emits a strong aroma that may fill a space and create a lasting impression on those around you.

The difference in longevity and projection of these perfumes is related to their aroma profiles. Tom Ford Oud Wood is a sophisticated scent that mixes the exotic and smoky oud note with other supporting elements.

While fascinating, the oud note does not have the same durability and projection as the heavier components of Ombre Leather.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather, as the name suggests, is a leather-based fragrance. Leather smells are powerful and potent, which contributes to their long-lasting projection. Ombre Leather’s forceful projection is intended to make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression.

So, Which One Is Better – Oud Wood or Ombre Leather?

Tom Ford Oud Wood and Ombre Leather are amazing smells with their own particular charm. Oud Wood is an oud-centric, delicately spicy, warm tone with an appealing hint of sweetness.

On the other hand, Ombre Leather has a strong leather note balanced with animalic and white floral undertones.

Oud Wood has a more universal appeal, with its refined yet subtle character making it suitable for any occasion. On the other hand, Ombre Leather is more of a niche fragrance, enjoyed by a specific demographic and appropriate for specific circumstances.

Although both fragrances present intriguing scent profiles, Oud Wood's charm captivates me. Its well-balanced blend of oud, warm spices, and a light sweetness creates a versatile and refined fragrance that never fails to impress. 

It is my favorite of the two and one of my favorites of all time. Tom Ford Oud Wood will forever be a favorite in my scent collection because it combines sophistication, elegance, and adaptability like no other.