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Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume Review – Is it Worth the Hype?

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The world of celebrity fragrances can be a hit or miss affair, often reflecting the personalities and tastes of the stars they represent.

Some are forgettable, others memorable for all the wrong reasons, but every so often, a scent comes along that not only encapsulates the essence of the celebrity but also stands its own ground in the vast landscape of the perfume world. 

Today I will review Ariana Grande’s Cloud, a fragrance known for its youthful energy and gourmand scent profile. Get ready to delve into what makes this perfume a sweet surprise in the crowded market of celebrity fragrances.

The Story Behind Ariana Grande’s Perfume Line

Developing a perfume line allows celebrities to turn their personal brand into a tangible, commercial product, elevating their bond with fans while providing a platform for creative expression.

Because the perfume industry is lucrative, a popular celebrity perfume can be a rewarding venture. The financial potential is significant, as fragrance sales and royalties can provide a passive, steady revenue distinct from their primary career.

Ariana Grande has established herself as a pop icon since her debut in the music industry. As a result, launching her own perfume brand was a natural move for her diverse career, which involved music, acting, fashion, and cosmetics. 

This move offered a unique opportunity for her to connect with her fans and exhibit a personal, intimate side of herself.

Grande began her fragrance journey in September 2015, when she launched “Ari by Ariana Grande” in collaboration with influential perfume brand Luxe Brands.

Luxe Brands, known for its celebrity fragrances, was an ideal partner for Ariana, providing the knowledge and industry know-how needed to create her scent vision. In an interview with Good Morning America, she opened up about the challenge of creating her first perfume “Ari”, saying:

“I’m fairly new to the fragrance industry, I guess, but it is kind of like making a song, you pick a bunch of different notes, and they can either make a really pretty chord or an ugly chord and it smells awful – or it smells great, it’s just like music.”

-Ariana Grande

Ariana’s perfume collection was received with considerable enthusiasm. Fan interest was evident, and the appeal of her perfumes extended far beyond her original music fan base.

Furthermore, her commitment to offering affordable prices ensured that her fragrances were accessible to her diverse customer base, aligning with her belief that luxury should not be out of reach.

When Was Ariana Grande Cloud Released?

Cloud, which is one of her best-selling perfumes, was released in 2018 and won the Fragrance Foundation’s Fragrance of the Year: Women’s Popular Award in 2019.

What Does Ariana Grande Cloud Smell Like?

After testing Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume for a couple of days now, I would best describe it as a dessert in a bottle. It’s got this really sweet, almost sugary vibe, like whipped cream, praline, coconut, and vanilla orchid are just swirling around you. It’s so yummy I’ve had to remind myself not to lick my wrist a couple of times.

When you first spray it, you get a lavender, pear, and bergamot hit. And it’s such a fresh and light combo. The pear adds juicy sweetness, and the lavender has a clean, aromatic thing that balances out all that sweetness.

As it settles, undertones of musk and something woody come through giving the perfume more depth. Musk adds a level of warmth and sensuality to the perfume.

If I had to put it in a category, it’s a sweet gourmand since it smells like a delicious treat. And after wearing it for a bit, I can see why it’s such a hit with the younger crowd. It has this playful, lively energy that feels really youthful and fun.

Top, Middle & Base Notes

Top NotesMiddle NotesBase Notes
LavenderWhipped CreamMusk
PearPralineWoody Notes
Vanilla Orchid

Top Notes

The opening notes are a fresh mix of lavender, pear, and bergamot. The aromatic lavender arises quickly, offering a fresh and stimulating touch. Meanwhile, the pear and bergamot add a luscious, somewhat tart sweetness to the opening, making it particularly refreshing.

Initially, I did detect a slight synthetic overtone, which might be attributed to the nature of certain fragrance molecules. However, this aspect was fleeting and rapidly dissipated.

After this brief moment, the scent transitioned smoothly, revealing the top notes' inherent refreshing and sweet qualities without overshadowing elements.

Middle Notes

After the opening vanishes, the heart of the scent unfolds a comforting, creamy cloud of whipped cream sweetness. Then, a cool twist of tropical coconut aroma sneaks in, adding a dash of exoticness to the overall warmth.

At this stage you can also notice a tempting trace of nutty praline. It gives the perfume a whimsical element of intrigue, which is a nice surprise.

As time passes, a hint of lavender finds its way back into the mix. Yes, it's surprising, but it provides a refreshing balance to the creaminess and sweetness of the heart notes.

Even though it’s undeniably a sweet gourmand, Cloud has this way of feeling both light and cozy.

Base Notes

Once the middle notes have had their moment, a delicate, airy musk begins to surface. This isn’t your typical heavy musk – it’s subtle and light, adding a sense of sophistication to the scent.

Then, there's an element of woodsy notes, adding earthiness to the previous smooth and creamy layers.

And do you know what the cherry on top is? A hint of salty caramel. It gives the perfume an irresistible charm and a strange twist. It’s like a pinch of salt sprinkled over a caramel dessert to enhance the sweet and creamy aroma without being overpowering.

Longevity – How Long Does It Last?

I was pleasantly surprised by Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume’s remarkable longevity. This fragrance lasts well beyond 6 hours and even longer when applied to clothing.

Throughout the day, I noticed that the scent remained noticeable and present on my skin.

But, I did notice that longevity can vary depending on humidity levels. In higher humidity, the scent lingers and sticks around for longer, while in drier conditions, it may fade a bit more quickly.

Fragrance Projection & Sillage

I noted a moderate to strong projection during the first few hours of wearing. The aroma is lovely, and it creates a mesmerizing aura around me.

The lively top notes of lavender, pear, and bergamot embrace me with a pleasant and sweet explosion, creating a lasting impression on those around me.

After a few hours the sillage softens as well, becoming more personal and close to the skin. The aroma enters a more private zone, wrapping you in a gentle, comforting hug. People in close proximity can still enjoy the attractive perfume, but it no longer fills the space.

Bottle Design

The bottle design of Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume has a charming 2000s rom-com vibe, it’s definitely a perfume that the main actress would proudly apply in the opening song sequence.

While it may not be my personal style, I can appreciate its whimsical and bold appeal.

It’s like the bottle is a prop, ready to transport you to a world of optimism and playful romance.

ariana grand cloud bottle

Though I may not redecorate my room solely to match the bottle, I can’t deny its allure. It tempts me to embrace my inner nostalgia and consider living my best Bratz life, where self-expression and bold choices take center stage.

It's a gentle reminder that sometimes it's worth embracing the fun and whimsy in life, even in the smallest details.

Ultimately, the bottle design of Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume adds an extra layer of youthfulness to the overall experience. While it may not resonate with everyone, it invites a touch of whimsy and encourages a willingness to embrace the joy of unexpected moments.

When, Where & How to Wear It?

Cloud is a versatile fragrance that may be enjoyed year-round, easily adaptable to the seasons. Its distinct blend of notes makes it appropriate for a wide range of settings, however…

During the spring and summer months, Cloud truly shines. The refreshing blend of lavender, pear, and bergamot offers a burst of energy and vitality, perfectly complementing the warm weather.

It’s an ideal choice for daytime activities, whether just walking, attending outdoor gatherings, or enjoying a picnic in the park.

The light and airy feel of Cloud has a sense of joy, making it a delightful companion for the sun-kissed days of these seasons.

Ariana Grande Cloud Body Mist

Let’s start with the scent itself. The body mist has more of a tropical and coconut-centric aroma than the perfume

In terms of longevity and projection, the body mist performs great for a body mist, especially if you’re like me and tend to be generous with your sprays.

It lasts well throughout the day, making it suitable for various activities.


Does Ariana Grande Cloud Smell Like Baccarat Rouge 540?

Although it’s common to draw parallels between Ariana Grande Cloud and Baccarat Rouge 540, it should be noted that they are distinct fragrances.

There may be a note in Cloud that bears a resemblance to Baccarat Rouge 540, but Cloud has its own unique character. It is lighter, fruitier, and more floral, combined with coconut and lavender, bringing a distinctive aroma that sets it apart from Baccarat Rouge 540.

How to Layer Ariana Grande Cloud?

Cloud perfume is an excellent choice for layering, especially with other gourmand fragrances. The blend I enjoy the most is with Burberry Her by Burberry.

Final Verdict – Should You Buy This Perfume?

In conclusion, the Ariana Grande Cloud perfume has a special spot in the gourmand fragrance landscape. Its distinct, playful aroma, combined with its impressive longevity, gives it a strong standing among other scents in the same category.

Given its affordable price point, remarkable performance, and unique scent profile, Cloud offers great value for money, and it smells more expensive than it is.

Whether you're an Ariana Grande fan or simply a fragrance enthusiast looking for a sweet, youthful scent with a twist, this perfume is for you.

In the saturated celebrity perfume market, Ariana Grande Cloud stands out, not only as a celebrity fragrance but also as a competent, enjoyable perfume in its own right. Its distinct qualities make it more than just a fandom purchase, but rather, a worthy addition to any fragrance collection.